Introducing... The Booty Band!

Gypsy Sunset

If you've been in the store we have probably told you all about the Kaneta pant and workout pants from Mia Brazilia.  If not, come on down and we'll tell you about how great they are!  Mia Brazilia is all about the booty, so of course designer Kaneta Harmon had to create something to make your booty even more amazing. 

The Booty Band is a workout band that targets your core, hips, upper legs.. and of course your booty!  So why are we so obsessed with it?? Well for starters it is super inexpensive.  For $30 you get an easy at home workout.  The second reason is that it is so simple and actually works.  I use mine when I am at the store and Kathleen does her sets when brushing her teeth and getting ready in he morning.  Not to mention it's fun! There are so many different exercises you can do and Kaneta explains a few of them in the video below...

To learn all of the exercises you have to come to our #bootychallenge workshop! Our first 30 ladies who buy a Booty Band will be offered an exclusive class at Gypsy Sunset where Kaneta will come and teach us all of the exercises and a little bit of self defense as well.  (I cannot confirm nor deny but there may be mimosas involved)  

Jump on this offer fast ladies because they re selling out fast and there is only a limited availability of spots for the #bootychallenge


Get yours HERE



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